Crossword Answers Popularity

These 15 Crossword Answers that you ought to know!

After solving crosswords for years, people realize that there is a set of words that repeat quite often. The ques are obscure and different but the answers are the same. The word ‘area’ has been repeated for about 1400 times in all these years that too only in NYTimes, let alone other newspapers. According to NYTimes Puzzle Editor Will Shortz, the word ‘Era’ has been used quite often.  “The nice thing about it is that there’s lots of ways to clue it. You know, it’s the historical period. It is the earned run average in baseball. It’s the name of a laundry detergent. There are just lots…”, explained Shortz in an interview with CBS News.

These repeaters can either be Crosswordese or a normal word but knowing them can help you to solve a crossword in a better way! After going through many word banks, we have shortlisted these 15 most commonly used words or repeaters with their cues that can help you solve a crossword faster.


  1. AREA:

Nonsmoking ___

Neck of the woods


It may have a code

Side by side?


  1. ERE:

Before, poetically

Bard’s before

Poet’s preposition

“___ Time transfigured me”: Yeats

Before, before

It may appear before long


  1. ELI:

Pharmaceutical giant ___ Lilly

Yale student

Harvadite’s rival

Letter “Y” wearer

Bush or Taft

Descendant of Aaron, in the Bible

  1. ERIE:

Toledo’s lake

Niagara’s source

War of 1812 siege site

Iroquois foe

Buffalo water

  1. ATE:

Had a meal


Put away

Took the cake?

Had a little lamb

Came to a fast stop

  1. ALOE:

____ vera

Healing balm

African lily

Yucca plant cousin

Cure for being caught red-handed?

  1. ARE:

“___ we there yet?”


“You ___ There” (50’s TV show)

Is for two


Be a different way?

  1. ALI:

Muhammad ___

2001 role for Will Smith

Clay, now

Foreman’s superior

Poetic pugilist

His won-lost record was 56-5

  1. ETA:

When the pilot is due in, for short

Greek H

Hellenic vowel

___ Pi (dessert lover’s fraternity?)

Viscosity symbol, in physics

Touchdown info

  1. ELSE:


G. & S.’s Lord High Everything ___

End of a warning

Choice word

It may follow something

  1. ARIA:

Song that’s often in a foreign language

“Celeste Aida,” e.g.

Operatic offering

Air on stage

Number for one

  1. EDEN:

Adam and Eve locale

Barbara who played a genie

Scene of a fall

Paradise lost

Perfect plot?