Cannabinoids – A potent anti cancer agent

master kush for CannabinoidsCancer is a dreadful disease where the growth of a tumor can cause death of the normal cells in the human body. This can result in the gradual decline in health of the person and it can be fatal if left untreated. Cancer needs to be treated urgently with the best possible medicines to ensure that the affected individual can lead a normal life. Medical marijuana is one drug that has been proving to be a very effective solution in the treatment of such cancers.

Cannabinoids-Active ingredient of cannabis:

Cannabis is the common name by which marijuana is known. It has various kinds of active ingredients and one of the ingredients that have been medically useful is cannabinoids. It is helpful in the treatment of various health problems, but the focus is on the ability of this chemical to help in the treatment of cancer cells.

Hindu Kush weedHow medical marijuana helps in treatment of cancer:

  1. Kills cancer cells: The drug helps in the killing of cancer cells that are present in various parts of the body. Cancer cells grow faster than usual and the main method in which the medical marijuana kills these cells is by reducing or cutting off the blood supply to these cells. When the cancer cells die, the progression of the disease is controlled and the person is able to get a cure too.
  2. Prevents supply of blood to cancer cells: When the blood supply to the cancer cells is cut off, they do not get any nutrition. As we know the blood is the main supply of nutrition to the various cells in the body. Even cancer cells get their nutrition from the blood supply. When this nutrition is cut off, the cells die and the disease can be cured.
  3. Prevents death of normal cells: The other major advantage of using medical marijuana is that it prevents the death of normal cells in the body. Only the cancerous cells are killed and the normal cells are spared. This will help in ensuring that the health of the person affected is not compromised when the cancer causing cells are being killed.
  4. Improves effectiveness of regular chemotherapy medications: The medical marijuana is also an adjunct therapy and this means that it acts along with the usual anti cancerous drugs to get rid of the disease. Chemotherapy helps in killing the cancer causing cells and the marijuana helps in increasing the effect of the chemotherapy drugs in curing a person of cancer.

Since medical marijuana is able to act in so many different ways against a dreaded disease like cancer, it is becoming very popular.

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