Guide To Growing Autoflower Cannabis

Growing Autoflower Cannabis Banana tasteCannabis growing is more of a science that has many specific rules and guidelines laid out. Among the many growing methods and seed varieties, one of them is the auto flowering variety which has managed to gain the attention of novice growers and veterans alike. In this article we will tell you all that you need to know about the growing methods of auto flowering cannabis seeds.

When we talk about auto flowering seeds, we discuss about the genetically advanced hybrids that have been created in the past ten years. These cannabis seeds are bigger, stronger and grow much faster. Only one decade back, the strains that were popular were Ruderalis and Lowryder hybrids. There has been a marked change in the attributes of the newer strains and their growing properties. The resultant new strains are simply amazing.

Lifecycle Of Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Autoflowering Cannabis Plants - The Cycle

There are two types of plants auto flowering and photoperiod. The major difference between the two types is the time taken for them to germinate that is how long it takes for the seed to split open. The average life cycle of an auto flowering plant is 8 to 12 weeks post germination. On the other hand, photoperiod plants need the classical 12-12 light method in order to blossom. Auto flowering plants will bloom regardless of light and dark.

Growing Conditions For Auto Flowering Plants

(1) Germination:

The seedling stage of growth in auto flowering plants is the first stage to come. But it cannot be delineated with the next one. This is because most of the strains will bloom into plants within 30 days of planting them. This robust start is a must for the healthy growth of the auto flowering plant so that it can be transplanted into the growing medium successfully. Commonly used methods these days are the ready to use germination kits which contains small plastic pots with a growing medium. Here you can directly sow the seed and it also has a drainage system. These small starter kits are good only for germination and you cannot grow big plants here.

(2) Temperature And Soil:

The optimum temperature required by auto flowering plants to grow is 20 to 25 degree Celsius and humidity between 50 to 70%. The soil should be mildly fertilized and good aeration should be ensured. Auto flowering plants do not need a highly fertilized medium and so you can skip organic mediums and soil mixes.

The best light for growing of the plants is CFL and LED light. Another option is using dual spectrum lamps called HPS. The hybrid auto flowering plants tend to grow rapidly and reach a decent height in a short time. You should not be surprised to see strains like Amnesia Haze Automatic growing up to 30 cms in just a few weeks post germination. The growth depends on the genetics of the plant also. For example if you have an Indica dominant plant like White Widow, then the growth of the plant will be more gradual and bushy rather than lean and tall.

(3) Light:

Auto flowering strains need few hours up to 5 hours of sunlight only per day. That is the least but if you are looking for optimal growth with high output then the plants should be exposed to light for more than 18 hours per day.
For outdoor growing, the best weather to grow these seeds is spring.

The germination process of the seedlings is best done indoors along with artificial light. Along with proper light and moderate humidity of 40 to 60% you must also ensure that the temperatures do not shoot beyond 28 degree Celsius. The distance between the source of light and the canopy should be adequate or else the plants can get over heated.

(4) Space:

You should make the necessary space arrangements when growing cannabis. You cannot assume all plants will grow small and shrub like. The modern day hybrid strains like Royal Gorilla Automatic are so space hungry that they can sprawl out far and beyond with huge flowery clusters.

(5) Climate:

Auto flowering plants are best suited for outdoor growing. The temperature is warm and sunny and it lasts for a few months which is enough for the plants to thrive. In case you live in a cold climate area, then you may want to look at an option of growing other strains like Blue Cheese Automatic which is a classic performer outdoor strain in North Europe.

For warmer countries the auto flowering plants can yield great harvests especially during the spring and autumn months. Examples of some classic strains are Royal Jack Automatic and Royal Bluematic. These can give good yields in balconies, plantations and even terraces.

(6) Pruning Techniques:

Trimming of the plants is very essential in order to keep them growing normally. Prune your plants early so that the tops can multiply and new buds can get space to grow. This method also ensures that enough sunlight penetrates and the lowest branches are well lighted. ScrOG method is generally combined with pruning methods to maximize the yields. Another popular technique in use in SOG method. A word of caution here that, new growers should not resort to intensive pruning until they have a decent amount of experience in growing cannabis. Undue pruning can also ruin your crop.

Uses In Medical Marijuana

Uses In Medical MarijuanaAuto flowering strains can be very well used as medical marijuana. These high CBD hybrid crops are the perfect solution. Examples of such fast growing strains are Stress Killer Automatic CBD and Fast Eddy CBD. The applications of these auto flowering plants can be endless in the field of medical marijuana. They can be used to treat a number of medical illnesses.

Auto flowering plants differ from photoperiod ones in the amount of THC content. The trick here is to treat your favorite auto flowering strains with basic TLC and you will be amazed at the results. So it is time to get your auto flowering strains and try them out today.

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