Effect of medical marijuana on Fibromyalgia

AK-48 feminized - will i feel better?
AK-48 feminized – will i feel better?

Medical marijuana is a wonder medication that has been taking the medical world by storm in recent times. There are so many pain medications available that there seems to be no reason for medical practitioners to try out a new drug. But, on the contrary, more and more doctors are turning to medical marijuana to provide pain relief for their patients because of the many beneficial effects of this drug. The fact that there are minimal side effects is one of the main reasons for doctors and patients to turn to this drug as the medication of choice.

Fibromyalgia is a very painful condition and any person who is suffering from this painful disease will not be able to take care of their daily routine. In fact, they will be on rest and will not be able to cater to even their own needs when the pain is severe. The pain killers that are usually used for the treatment of this disease can lead to severe life threatening complications. This is why many doctors allow their patients to suffer from the pain rather than put them on life threatening pain killers with many side effects. In such a scenario, the advent of medical marijuana has been very helpful in the treatment of Fibromyalgia.

Why medical marijuana is used to treat fibromyalgia

1. To overcome depression: Fibromyalgia can be such a painful condition that it can cause depression in the person who is suffering from this disease. Though the use of medical marijuana will not help in the treatment of depression directly, it will help in reducing the severity of pain. When there is less pain, the affected person will be happy and this will help them in tiding over their depression. The use of medical marijuana can even cause a mild form of euphoria that can actually help in the treatment o f depression.

2. To reduce muscle pain: Muscle pain is one of the commonest symptoms in fibromyalgia. When the medical marijuana is used, it helps in preventing the pain sensation from occurring. This is because of the fact that the medication helps in suppressing the pain pathway.

3. Does not cure the disease: None of the pain killers that have been used in the treatment of fibromyalgia have been able to cure the disease or reduce the pain completely. Medical marijuana too will not be able to get rid of the pain completely, but it will be able to reduce the pain to the maximum extent possible. So, even if it does not provide a cure to the disease, it is a much better treatment than other drugs.